LOVE IS THE MEDIUM (free download)

On 10/27/2009, we released our full-length opus: THE MEDIUM album. Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of the release, so here's our LOVE IS THE MEDIUM break collection as a free download. Listen and enjoy catching samples BP used for THE MEDIUM album. Below is the original post from Valentine's Day 2010... Oh yeah, click HERE and cop THE MEDIUM on iTunes.

LOVE IS THE MEDIUM (A collection of love songs.) After listening to all the original songs that inspired our full length album THE MEDIUM, we realized that they all shared one common denominator: LOVE. Searching for love, losing love, falling in love, making love...it's all covered by these songs. These are the ingredients of THE MEDIUM. It won't make sense unless you have THE MEDIUM. Go cop it from our store.

Click here to download:

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