BP and ODDS are the boom bap novelists... raw, dopeness out of Los Angeles... the perfect blend of a classically cultivated beatsmith with neck-snapping beats and a hungry, conscious lyricist with an exciting flow: whose crowd-pleasing live shows implement MPC instrumentation and precise rhymes delivered with intensity.

Fluent in the language of chopping sounds,BUTTONPUSHA has mastered his weapon of choice (MPC 2000XL) and is deadly with the buttons.

A veteran MC, ODDSEQUENCE (formerly of Jupitersciples), delivers verses with an athletic intensity but also shows his versatility in intelligent songwriting... and we can't forget to mention his high-energy live shows.

BP and ODDS create a classic-futuristic-sound with high production quality; bringing back the boom bap to Hiphop from Los Angeles... just the way we like it.
tha boom bap novelists - move back step offa this - new crack provocative

Photos are courtesy of Bokeh Bunny and Kalamari