OCTOBER schedule

We got less than 20 days left before the release of THE MEDIUM album. During the month of October, we got a few things lined up for yall...

10/11: Episode 10 of THE MEDIUM vlog series

10/16: Da Ill Spot @ Characters Sportsbar (Pomona, CA)

10/17: Instore @ Radio Futura (Pomona, CA)

10/20: Tru Skool Tuesdays on Earthbound Radio (San Diego, CA + www)

10/24: THE MEDIUM official release party @ The Fly Ball (DTLA)

10/27: THE MEDIUM album drops

10/30: Instore @ The Deuce (Artesia, CA)

stay tuned for all the festivities... October's bout to be crackin yall


BP & ODDS @ Bridges 9/26/09

BP & ODDS performed a brand new set with never-before-heard joints to a healthy crowd at Bridges this past Saturday 9/26. This clip features the song "Ultra Magnetics" off the upcoming album THE MEDIUM (dropping October 27th) ... You can watch more at http://www.vimeo.com/bpandoddsJelani (Da Ill Spot) and Shorty reppin for BP & ODDS... photos courtesy of RomeOne of bloodbath


BP & ODDS episode 8

It's time for another webisode. Peep BP walking you through the making of "THE GIFT" as well as an exclusive tour through the Bassment. BP breaks down the equipment that was used to record THE MEDIUM. This should be an interesting vid for all you beat heads or anybody interested in the making of the music. Remember, THE MEDIUM drops OCTOBER 27th. Stay tuned for episode 9!


BP & ODDS on Soulfully Poetic blog...

Check out my man Eric's blog: www.ericsoul.wordpress.com

Eric is that dude...you know, the one that is always on the front lines of events all over L.A. A real good dude and you can see that he is putting in some work on his blog. He showed us some love...


BP & ODDS this Saturday @ Bridges

Email us at info@bpandodds.com for guest list


Rest In Power GM ROC RAIDA...

We just lost another member of the global hip hop family. The one and only Grand Master Roc Raida of the Xecutionerz. The cause of his death is still a little unclear but one thing for sure is that we lost another legend way too early. 2009 has been a rough year. Let's throw up those X's and raise it up for Roc Raida!


Mike Nardone retires We Came From Beyond

Damn! Los Angeles has its share of long-running hiphop mix shows on the radio like Melo-D on Julio G's show, The Baka Boyz Friday Night Flavas, Fantastic Four's Fantastic Four Show, Divine Forces, and The Wake Up Show to name the well-known joints... but the longest running, truest-to-Los Angeles underground hiphop radio show was retired on August 30th of this year. The show I'm talking about is Mike Nardone's We Came From Beyond on LA's KXLU broadcasting from LMU's campus. Mike Nardone retired the show after more than 20 years of faithful service to the Los Angeles community. Real Los Angeles underground hiphop on the FM dial? I'm sorry to see it go and am sorry to have missed the last show live... but we can always check the archive of shows at www.wecamefrombeyond.com
BP & ODDS had the honor of going up to the station and chopping it up with Mike on air about the HI'S and LO'S EP earlier this year. check out the show streaming here
Peace to Mike Nardone and We Came From Beyond for playing that uncompromised LA hiphop shit we all needed and still need in our lives.


Peel here...

Just pressed up some stickers yall. Be looking out for these everywhere...


BP & Bloodbath...

There's another BP that's down with the Bloodbath Project. That's Brooklyn Projects. Peep their collaboration tee paying homage to the city of Roses...Limited edition. Get em while they last! www.bloodbathproject.com


Flyers out the Trunk


BP & ODDS on Station23


Sending the flyers for street promotion to press tomorrow. Be on the look out for these on the streets. Buttonpusha flipped the graphics and you will also see poster versions of this. If you reading this and you see the flyer, then you already know the deal, pass em to someone who loves hip hop...word up.


CDs ALMOST GONE: time to download

THE PREMIUM mixtape CD's are on the verge of extinction. The short run's been just about exhausted as the bulk of the remaining CDs will be sent to out-of-state fam to slam the streets with. Chi-Town, Texas, Seattle, Alaska, New York... look for THE PREMIUM mixtape soon. In the meanwhile or if you can't get your hands on the physical CD, do what the kids do best and download the joint right here... don't sleep on the two songs off THE MEDIUM either. enjoy and spread the word


song: "The Medium"

song: "The Gift"



tomorrow, SATURDAY, SEPT 25th @ the Continental Room in Fullerton

BP & ODDS episode 7

Buttonpusha breaks down Time Is Change from the upcoming BP & ODDS album THE MEDIUM. Watch as he plays the original sample and peices together the beat...

BP & ODDS the MEDIUM episode #6

Webisode 6 of the MEDIUM vlog series takes you into the photo shoot in Culver City at Cyclopean Eye's (of the Jupitersciples) studio with BP & ODDS and Ari as the photographer


BP & ODDS on Global Grind...

Big thanx to Khal from www.rockthedub.com. We hit him off with some exclusives and the PREMIUM mixtape and that lead us to getting a spotlight on www.globalgrind.com. Global Grind is a pretty significant hip hop blog hosted by some pretty big names. Don't forget to download the PREMIUM mixtape. Check for the links below!