BP and ODDS X Bloodbath...

The BP and ODDS EP is finished...

Mastering has been completed and we have the final copy of the songs. The next phase of the project is the artwork. Initially, I had freaked a concept for the artwork and even developed a mock-up of the final product. After choppin' it up with Odds, we both came to an agreement that the more people we had involved with the project, the more official it would be. This is when we considered going outside for design work.

Insert Bloodbath.

Bloodbath is a new clothing company (www.bloodbathproject.com) that is definitely blazing their own paths amongst a saturated industry with thought-provoking graphics over quality fabrics. Their designs are well thought out and stick with their original concept of "keepin' it clean." So stay tuned for our EP with artwork designed by ROME one of Bloodbath and BP and Odds rockin' their gear on and off the stage!

Bloodbath just secured new accounts at Beatnic in Fullerton and Black Market in both L.A. and Long Beach. GO AND COP THAT SHIT!!!


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Bp and ODDS present
the Hi's and Lo's EP
drops November 25th, 2008