GURU: Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal


much respect and much thanks to one of the best voices in Hip Hop. Guru will always be remembered through his music. Gang Starr is the group that a lot of post-'94 groups like BP & ODDS model our sound, methods, philosophy, attitude, content, and of course careers after.

Our new project VACANCY is dedicated to Guru for refining the Jazz/Hip Hop sound we tried to achieve in the recordings.
We celebrate his life through his music.
RIP and thank you, GURU.


Recording for the new album "VACANCY" is underway. A couple more beats and a new project will be available for download. So far things have gone smoothly with making the beats until the most important buttons on the MPC broke. Shift & Program. This has happened more than a few times in the past.

The thing that sucks about using hardware is that parts are becoming scarce. I found an internet site that sold buttons but they were based in the U.K. I had only one other option. I drove out to studio city to visit the man...Bruce Forat.

I paid $4 for each button. It was easy to replace. Took about 5 minutes...

I really need to stock up on a bag of these things. Im sure all the software heads get a kick outta seeing us go thru all this.



Yes indeed. it's finally here. the long-awaited BP & ODDS 12" vinyl including songs and instrumentals off THE MEDIUM album is available now exclusively at Fat Beats LA or click the logo below to purchase directly from us. Coming soon to a record store near you.

BP & ODDS 12

the track list is as follows:

Side A:
The Plan
The Gift
Time Is Change (featuring El Da Sensei)

Side B:
The Plan instrumental
Ultra-Magnetics instrumental
Time Is Change instrumental


BLOODBATH Sample Sale: Saturday, 4.17

Make sure you stop by the Bloodbath Sample Sale in Long Beach. Up to 70% off everything! Including tees, sweaters, button-ups and caps! It's all going down at the Beat Swapmeet/BP & ODDS house on Broadway. Bring your friends and enjoy a great day of music, beer, food, sangria, gear and fun!


The FlyBall this Saturday 4.17

ODDS will be hosting the Fly Ball this Saturday @ the Grand Star Jazz Club. our family DEEJAY ANALOG will be spinning a set. come through and join the party. RSVP @ flyballers@yahoo.com

The Fly Ball



Beat Swapmeet is L.A.'s records show. If you are looking for a good time with likeminded folks then this is it. Good people, music, drinks and records. How can you beat that? Not just any record show, Beat Swapmeet carries on the tradition of the Roosevelt convention in New York only this one ends up more like a party. join us this Sunday @ the Grand Star Jazz Club as BP & ODDS present our brand new 12" vinyl.

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