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BP on the MPC and cuts

Check the new beat and cuts by BP for the upcoming BP & ODDS full-length album. We're about 10 beats deep right now, and counting. The next steps are mix downs and burns to CDs. Then, conceptualization. Stay tuned for updates...


Part 2 of KXLU interview

Here's the 2nd part of the interview we were able to catch on cam.

Catch the whole interview streaming at
(look for BP & ODDS February 22 around the middle of the page)


BP AND ODDS interview on KXLU



BP, Mike Nardone, ODDS

BP AND ODDS were featured last night on Mike Nardone's "We Came From Beyond."

We arrived at the beautiful campus of LMU and were greeted by Mike Nardone: the coolest cat on FM radio fasho. I mentioned to him, "You've been here for years, huh?"
He answered, "It's been 20 years... since '88."

Now that's impressive. Hiphop music on the FM, on the same station, with the same host, for twenty years! Big up Mike Nardeezy!!

Dig the interview and visuals.

You can check out the whole show archived on


TONIGHT... TUNE IN to 88.9FM Los Angeles

Tune in to KXLU 88.9 FM tonight and check out Mike Nardone's "We Came From Beyond" which airs every Sunday.

BP and ODDS will be featured during tonight's show.


CDs back on deck

Yes indeed! the HI'S AND LO'S CD is back on deck.

I didn't know UPS delivered after 9pm. I was col' maxin' with the homies and puttin a fat one in the air, when "knock! knock! knock!" - "WHO IS IT!!!???" - It was UPS... good lookin out.

Cop it at Fat Beats, Access, etc. or you can holler at us when you see us.

Peace and don't sleep on the HI'S AND LO'S joint.


a sneak peak

The song in this clip is "Inside Talk" produced by KDNC (Brother Damyu of Jupitersciples) off the upcoming release by ODDS.

"a Perspective Peace" the upcoming full-length album by Oddsequence featuring production by Buttonpusha (BP & ODDS), Choice37, KDNC (Brother Damyu of Jupitersciples), and more TBA...

Also, later this year, stay tuned for the full-length BP & ODDS album with ALL NEW songs already in the works.


MARCH 15, 2009 marks one year of LA's unifying event. Just check the info...


MC / DJ combo

Dig the overalls Guru. I used to have those... mine were Paco jeans from the swap tho. Not sure if swap meets are big in New Yawk.

GANG STARR! The ultimate MC/DJ combo... huge influence on BP & ODDS no doubt.

Video from get the HI'S AND LO'S EP there!


Check (in ODDSEQUENCE'S opinion) the dopest Hiphop duo of all time. Dig the lyric Brother Damyu sampled


Thelonious Monk - "Round Midnight"

Thelonious kills this solo.

Just a little inspiration 'round midnight.


Hiphop's Final Frontier on LA Radio

BP AND ODDS will be on Mike Nardone's "We Came From Beyond" on KXLU 88.9 FM....

that's right... Hiphop on the Los Angeles airwaves. Matter of fact, it's the last Hiphop radio show we got left in Los Angeles. Big up Friday Night Flavors, the original Wake Up Show (on 92.3 the Beat) and Divine Forces.

Sunday, February 22nd @ 11PM. Tune in yall


HI'S AND LO'S CD's back on deck!

YES YES YALL! Finally restocked on the HI'S AND LO'S CD.

once again it's on




new clip of the Globe instore


The Globe instore

Big up to those who came out to support and big up to the new heads checkin for BP & ODDS...

Much love to Leo and Hugo of Radio Futura and the Globe, respectively... Holdin down underground Hiphop in the 909 since 1995: Pomona to be exact!

Peep the encore performance...

Much love to the 909!!