BP & ODDS the MEDIUM episode #5

We're hitting you with another one. Webisode 5 of the MEDIUM vlog series features the song "The Gift" off the upcoming album THE MEDIUM, of course set to drop October 27th.
The webisode begins with a 2005 snippet of Odds rockin the mic in Pasadena with the Jupitersciples. It goes on to show buttonpusha in the Bassment pushin buttons.


BP & ODDS the MEDIUM episode #4

Webisode 4 of the MEDIUM vlog series features the title track off THE MEDIUM album.
same source, same shine prime to premium
all aligned in time the difference is the MEDIUM




song: "The Medium"

song: "The Gift"

mix track listing to follow


Pressing up THE PREMIUM Mixtape...

Me and Odds just got the CD inserts pressed up for the mixtape. We took a trip out to Glendale to the manufacturing plant today. We should have the official copies in our hands by tomorrow morning so make sure that you have emailed info@bpandodds.com to reserve your copy!


Look ma...no samples!

Not that we would ever turn our back on the roots but we are switching it up on the next one...Immediately after THE MEDIUM drops on October 27th, myself and Odds are hittin yall off with a musical odyssey using synths and gritty drums as the vehicle. The formula will consist of diggin' for dirty keyboards over using common software synths. This project is tentatively titled "THE GRADIENT..." Stay tuned for video blogs of us scouring for vintage keyboards and synths...


FOTOS: BP & ODDS x Ari x Cyclopean Eye

A few photos of BP & ODDS from the shoot with Ari and Cyclopean Eye. more info two posts ago


BP & ODDS the MEDIUM episode #3

Episode #3 of the MEDIUM vlog series. This episode features BP & ODDS walk through a swap meet, as buttonpusha digs for recs, vintage tape players, and of course tapes...


Glamour shots...

The BP & ODDS photoshoot went down yesterday.  We recruited two of our talented homies:  Jimmy (Cyclopean Eye of Jupitersciples) and Ari (Kalamari of Sound Proof Crew.)  Jimmy works at a media studio in Culver city.  Having access to lighting and back drops, he offered to help us out with some photos.  We knew that we were on a shoe string budget so we had to jump  on the opportunity.  Ari was also down to help us out on the strength...After a couple hours of shooting, we headed to the Korean BBQ spot called Tahoe in K-town.


OCTOBER 27th is the date



Mastering THE MEDIUM with DJ Illnaughty...

Its almost time for graduation...This is our final exam. Mastering the album. We recruited some major talent behind us this time. DJ Illnaughty is not only a skilled producer/dj but he is vicious behind the boards. He has mastered for the likes of KRS-One, Ugly Duckling and more recenty Killah Priest. Today we got a sneek peek at Killah Priests new album and I can tell you one thing...Bang related! He made it thru the halfway point of THE MEDIUM and he has it sounding HUGE! peep the flick action:


What does Mayer Hawthorne have in common with BP & ODDS?

That's easy. Other than the passion for music, this question can be summed up with one word....or should I say one person. That would be Rome One of Bloodbath. Rome is a skilled graphic artist who designed both our logos. I was peepin out the Bloodbath blog when I learned about him linking up with Mayer Hawthorne at Beat Swapmeet. Hawthorne saw his hand drawing of the graphic used for the Beat Swapmeet/Bloodbath collabo shirt and that was it. Check out the hand drawing of his logo used for his Stones Throw release:

And here is the BP & ODDS logo:

Im glad to hear that Beat Swapmeet is able to make these kind of connections happen. That is why both Bp & Odds have been on the staff from the get go...

BP & ODDS the MEDIUM episode #2

this episode features "The Daily" a song about our daily duties and routines... off "THE MEDIUM"


THE MEDIUM promo posters

the poster below is set to print. look for it on posts, at record stores, and email info@bpandodds.com to get a free copy.

dope duo: MC + Producer combo

with no shame, had to use ourselves as an example... BP & ODDS: a dope duo in Hiphop. Check the snippet of the no-budget-never-completed "Xkurshunz" video off the HI'S and LO'S EP from earlier this year...


BP & ODDS the MEDIUM episode #1


Bp & Odds X Bloodbath

We swung by the Bloodbath headquarters and linked up with the Rome One. He handles alot of aspects of the company including graphics, creative direction and marketing. As a group, we realize how much fashion and hip hop is tied together. Fortunately we are able to get alot of support from this upcoming brand since the start of BP & ODDS. We grabbed some new fits from the summer collection and chopped it up over lunch. We also handed Rome the unpolished version of the album. We played some of it over at the warehouse and he really liked what he heard....


BP & ODDS Update....

Here's a quick pulse check of whats going on. We are holding off on any shows due to the recording of our new album "THE MEDIUM." We are about 95% done. I am actually in the process of lacing the final cuts and interludes. Song Sequencing is accomplished and our tentative deadline for Mastering is set. Stay tuned for videos of our progress...

dope duo: MC + Producer combo

dope duo: MC + Producer combo: Masta Ace + Marco Polo collaborate on the cut "Nostalgia" which definitely stays true to nostalgic hiphop music thinking back to days when hiphop MUSIC excited the masses on some ACTUAL talent shit.. dig the video


BP & ODDS on Bloodbath blog...

The homies from Bloodbath showed us some love on our blog. Not only are these guys makin' noize in the streetwear scene but they support good independent music. They have always showed BP & ODDS love with gear and not to mention that Rome One designed our logo. Peep their new summer line: www.bloodbathproject.com


THE PREMIUM (Pre-Medium) MIXTAPE... stay tuned

stay tuned for THE PREMIUM (Pre-Medium) MIXTAPE. buttonpusha is on the mix with joints that relate to THE MEDIUM, oddsequence spits two verses, and of course, we're GIVING yall exclusive sneak peaks at 2 songs off THE MEDIUM album. since THE MEDIUM's mastering is scheduled with Illnaughty (Fanbass Recordings) for the 15th, yall can expect THE PREMIUM (Pre-Medium) MIXTAPE later this month.


BAATIN of Slum Village: R.I.P.

I'm late to learn of sad news that BAATIN of SV passed away a few days ago. He will surely be remembered
check what ?uestlove wrote on okayplayer


Beat Swapmeet #7 SEPTEMBER 13th

YES YES YALL! since the Beat Swapmeet office opened up next door to the Bassment, there's been non-stop building going on and the above is the result of a late Friday night... design by HAHK2. check out the Beat Swapmeet Blog to stay informed on record-related news and the latest BSM news.

dope duo: MC + Producer combo

another dope duo: Ras Kass the MC and Diamond the producer on this joint here. I read the book and how Ras Kass relates it to why he called his album that, I can dig it. The book is by Eldridge Cleaver "Soul on Ice"... it's intense.
but check out the video for the title track...