ELLIS SNOWBOARDS brings another live one. Check it out tomorrow.


Blast from the Past

For those who don't know, Oddsequence was a member of the group Jupitersciples. Check out the photos from Jupitersciples' Wake Up Show appearance in 2004.
Gotta big up Bubski for the pics. Still waiting for the flick with RZA. We ran into RZA outside the Wake Up Show studio that day and we took a picture with the god. I remember he said "good thing I got my Wu-Wear"
Oddsequence rhymin on the Wake Up Show
I remember after we spit, Sway said something about us spitting with vengeance.


BP & ODDS at Beat Swapmeet 1 year anniversary...

BP & ODDS stay connected with the community. If you were at the Beat Swapmeet 1 year anniversary, then you probably witnessed the duo payin dues both in the public eye and behind the scenes. ODDSEQUENCE hosted the event and conducted interviews for the Beat Swapmeet documentary DVD that is currently in works. BUTTONPUSHA held down the Beat Swapmeet/Waxpoetics booth while movin' classic tapes, vinyl and boomboxes.


Brain Surgery...

BP's powerbook is the workhorse of the BP & ODDS sound. With a hard drive taking a dump, it was up to BP to perform a surgical procedure to get them back into finishing the debut album "Perfect Timing." After long hours on mac forums, youtube, drives to and from Fry's...BP was able to perform a miracle:

the surgical tools:

the patient...

the brain...


on the path to recovery...



gotta big up HUSKEYRADIO.com!
shout to the whole fam over there in East Los: Bubski, Otek, Dtale
After following specific instructions to park on the driveway cause the block is hot, we head to the end of the driveway to the garage where we're offered beers which we gladly accept, we entered a dope studio plastered with posters, graffiti, record covers, and countless stickers with the names of mad respectable LA hiphop cats who had been there for past shows.
Chekout this short clip:

Huskeyradio is an internet radio station playing raw underground hiphop 24/7. We were on the "Under the Scope" show last night.

We talked a lot about Jupitersciples and what happened to the rest of us... Big up DJ Otek who surprised me with "The Nerd" off Jupitersciples' "Snapped Faders and Blown Speaker Milkshakes" mixtape from 1999. Took trips down memory lane last night. Good lookin out fellas. We also talked about the new BP AND ODDS album in the works expected for summer 2009. Check out the whole interview and live songs right here:



Here are three more clips from the Darfur benefit show. Check em out.


The Uplift

ODDS spits free over a new shocker by BP.


Benefit for Darfur

Sunday, March 8th, we got down at the Grand Star for Hiphop4Peace which was a benefit for Darfur. Good vibes. Here's "Xkurshunz"... Dig it:


your new favorite song

Check out "The Uplift" live @ 2nd Street Jazz.

the up WHAAT!?
it's the UPLIFT


ODDS last night

I went to 2nd Street Jazz last night for a "song battle". Funny shit... I lost in the 2nd round to some dude who brought mad fam. Funny as hell!

More importantly, big up L Scatterbrain who held the cam and got this reddish footage of the two joints I performed. This one is called "Natural Bounce" produced by Choice37. Big up the brethren putting in work in the motherland right now. Dig it...


Xkurshunz video clip

Peep a short, rough clip of the "Xkurshunz" music video. It's a work in progress.

16 hours ahead, across the dateline I wrote this
a nomadic, a radically dope opus
a language of love,
I translated your focus

Keeping in mind the song is about traveling and gaining perspective, the basic premise of the video is "around the world in Los Angeles". Taking excursions through neighborhoods of LA...

We're still shooting the video and want to have you in it. Get at us at any of our shows and the Beat Swap Meet, where I, ODDS, will be capturing LA life thru a small lens. Look for the video soon.


Perfect Timing

Tentative title for the next BP & ODDS album: "Perfect Timing"... Imagine quantized heart beats. I'll leave it at that for now. Stay tuned for more updates and snippets of sessions.
Make sure you cop the HI'S AND LO'S EP. (look to the right of this screen and you can cop it at the store of your choice)

The following clip... chopped from this rec:

dig it...