"Ultra-Magnetics" music video Behind the Scenes

"ULTRA-MAGNETICS" music video coming soon...


Instore @ Access HipHop (San Diego) 11/21/09

It was a cool drive down to Daygo (as the locals call it), during which we assembled yet another "Plan" to further this fully independent machine.
We arrived at the spot to watch the cats from Beat Rock do they thangs. (big up Bwan, CounterParts, DJs Fatgums and Tanner)
we set up and caught wreck real quick. you can catch some snippets of the songs performed below. the highlight for me (ODDS) was holding up a Jupitersciples still-shrink-wrapped "Snapped Faders and Blown Speaker Milkshakes" cassette tape when I heard a voice from the crowd (big up Indovisuals of SD [hope spelling's correct]) yell out "Carpal Tunnelin Operatives!"
Much love to SD!

Pics from BEATNUTS x BP & ODDS 11/19 @ The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach

That was a good night. We were most satisfied with how our set turned out. Unfortunately, we don't have any footage, but check the pics below. On a Thursday night, the BP&ODD-ience was well in attendance with faces I hadn't seen in years (peace to DJ Lime Green). The Beatnuts tore it down with the classics and had me fillinit from behind the stage. They still got it. Big up the homies Zoolay for doin their thing.THE BEATNUTS


Christine and BP


Peace to Eric of Soulfully Poetic for the pictures. Check out the SOULFULLY POETIC BLOG for more pictures from that night.


BP & ODDS x BEATNUTS x ZOOLAY + more 11/19 in Long Beach (tickets on sale)

That's right! BP & ODDS sharing the stage with the BEATNUTS @ The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach Thursday, 11/19. Get your tickets below just hit the paypal buttons. or email info@bpandodds.com
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BP & ODDS x PAWZ ONE x DJ BREEZE x MARK-O + more @ The Deuce this Friday