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Fusion Radio / Soul Circle Radio

That past Saturday was a busy day. We headed over to MZA's crib where he and his team record Soul Circle Radio live. Before we got started with that interview, BP and I hopped on the phone with Flying Bee of Fusion Radion (WIIT FM in Chicago) for an interview we booked a few months prior. big up Rebels to The Grain who gave us the heads up about Flying Bee's show, and how they support dope up-and-coming artists. The 2 interviews landed on the same day, and, through synchronicity, during the same hours. Nevertheless, we made it happen and you can hear how they went here:

5/8/2010: BP & ODDS on WIIT Chicago (Fusion Radio with Flying Bee)

5/8/2010: BP & ODDS on DEEJAY MZA's Soul Circle Radio

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