Pressin' up 12"s...

Wax is crucial...point blank. Especially when everybody has cd's and mp3's; having wax is a way to separate ourselves from the rest. Having a 12" is just another benchmark for us. I took a trip to see Rick from Rainbo records today to submit our music:

 The vinyl will feature 4 songs from THE MEDIUM: The Plan, Ultra-Magnetics, The Gift and Time is Change. Vocals on the A-side, Instrumentals on the flip. We aren't trying to change the game with this one, just trying to keep it alive.

Rainbo Records has a rich musical history.  They've pressed up wax for countless artists.  I actually just got off the phone today with Marvski and he was talkin' about seeing original Planet Rock and Stetsasonic 12"s there back in the day.  He was breakin' down some science behind this historical vinyl plant....so for us to go here and get our music pressed up, it was a no-brainer...Big-ups to Rick for all the help.  Stay tuned for the test presses.

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