Mike Nardone retires We Came From Beyond

Damn! Los Angeles has its share of long-running hiphop mix shows on the radio like Melo-D on Julio G's show, The Baka Boyz Friday Night Flavas, Fantastic Four's Fantastic Four Show, Divine Forces, and The Wake Up Show to name the well-known joints... but the longest running, truest-to-Los Angeles underground hiphop radio show was retired on August 30th of this year. The show I'm talking about is Mike Nardone's We Came From Beyond on LA's KXLU broadcasting from LMU's campus. Mike Nardone retired the show after more than 20 years of faithful service to the Los Angeles community. Real Los Angeles underground hiphop on the FM dial? I'm sorry to see it go and am sorry to have missed the last show live... but we can always check the archive of shows at www.wecamefrombeyond.com
BP & ODDS had the honor of going up to the station and chopping it up with Mike on air about the HI'S and LO'S EP earlier this year. check out the show streaming here
Peace to Mike Nardone and We Came From Beyond for playing that uncompromised LA hiphop shit we all needed and still need in our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Yessir! Big fan of both your music & we came from beyond, although slow to respond, i am still very sorry to see it's gone & as an individual from L.A. I agree with your standpoint on how important it was.

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