What does Mayer Hawthorne have in common with BP & ODDS?

That's easy. Other than the passion for music, this question can be summed up with one word....or should I say one person. That would be Rome One of Bloodbath. Rome is a skilled graphic artist who designed both our logos. I was peepin out the Bloodbath blog when I learned about him linking up with Mayer Hawthorne at Beat Swapmeet. Hawthorne saw his hand drawing of the graphic used for the Beat Swapmeet/Bloodbath collabo shirt and that was it. Check out the hand drawing of his logo used for his Stones Throw release:

And here is the BP & ODDS logo:

Im glad to hear that Beat Swapmeet is able to make these kind of connections happen. That is why both Bp & Odds have been on the staff from the get go...

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