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WISE INTELLIGENT falsely arrested

A very influential MC to me, Wise Intelligent of the Poor Righteous Teachers was falsely arrested on July 8th. Here's a part of Wise Intelligent's story he told on his blog...

"Driving down Chestnut St. (One block from my gate), I stop at the light. This is when Diamond - a friend, good brother and Hip Hop/reggae drummer for many established and local artist, myself included - jogs over to the car. He asks me "what's up", said he hadn't seen me around in a while, I tell him "my numbers still the same, give me a holla!" He reaches into the car window we shake hands, in the usual long drawn-out way brothers do, he walks off, the light turns green I pull off."

This is how the story starts. He then goes on to explain in detail Trenton cops pulling him over thinking he was a drug dealer. But once the punk ass cops figured out he wasn't a drug-dealer, they looked for a reason... This is what Wise Intelligent said on his blog...

"Please understand me. I can accept being pulled over because the officer suspected I may have been trafficking, selling or distributing drugs. However, at the moment it is realized that's not the case, send me on my don't even have to apologize! But, don't, after discovering you were wrong, treat me like I am in effect a "drug dealer" who just happened to outwit you this time!"

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