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summer's here and I just wanted to give a brief update on what you could expect from BP & ODDS without giving too much away.

lately, we've been staying underground in the Bassment; building to complete the upcoming full-length LP which you can expect by summer's end. (check back for the official release date)
and I'm not one to brag about music I've made, but these new songs are definitely some shit, to put it bluntly.

Meanwhile, we'll keep you updated with blog entries, exclusive clips, maybe some behind-the-scenes type shit documenting the making of the album, and you gotta stay tuned for our feature announcements... that's right some possible features

also, BP & ODDS shows will be less frequent until we drop the LP (we'll keep the title under wraps for now) so make sure when you see BP & ODDS on the flier, BE THERE and catch the new live show.

Upcoming shows:
July 11 @ Maintain Graff Shop (see below)
July 24 @ Club Menage inside NormandieCasino with Holocaust of Wu-Tang (check back for details)

stay grounded...

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