BP & ODDS on Earthbound Radio 12/16/08

BP and ODDS and J-Yoda perform "The Uplift" on Earthbound Radio.

"Table of Content" on Earthbound Radio:

We headed down to SD on Tuesday the 16th and were able to get the HI'S AND LO'S joint into the Armory. I gotta big up King D of LPSD (remember he was on that joint "Microphone enhancer microphone enhancer - smokin mc's till i die from lung cancer") who copped the joints wholesale from a brotha. Big up.

so the HI'S AND LO'S cd is available in San Diego at:
Access Music in Pacific Beach
the Armory in Downtown San Diego

After smashin the Gaslamp district with BP and ODDS fliers, we headed to the Earthbound station and linked up with the Tru Skool Tuesday cats. Big up Norm Rocwell of Access Music who put us on. We had a good time and the set came off pretty clean. Those cats at Earthbound keep it crackin like a party in the station. Wylin out.

Big up San Diego... we will be back

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