This is an introduction to the weekly episodes of BP & ODDS and the production of their new album THE MEDIUM. Tune in to check out previews and live footage of their creative process...

this episode features "The Daily" a song about our daily duties and routines... off "THE MEDIUM"

Episode #3 of the MEDIUM vlog series. This episode features BP & ODDS walk through a swap meet, as buttonpusha digs for recs, vintage tape players, and of course tapes...

Webisode 4 of the MEDIUM vlog series features the title track off THE MEDIUM album.

same source, same shine prime to premium
all aligned in time the difference is the MEDIUM

Webisode 5 of the MEDIUM vlog series features the song "The Gift" off the full length album TH MEDIUM.

The webisode begins with a 2005 snippet of Odds rockin the mic in Pasadena with the Jupitersciples. It goes on to show buttonpusha in the Bassment pushin buttons.

Webisode 6 of the MEDIUM vlog series takes you into the photo shoot in Culver City at Cyclopean Eye's (of the Jupitersciples) studio with BP & ODDS and Ari as the photographer.

Buttonpusha breaks down their new song called Time Is Change feat. El Da Sensei.

BP & ODDS bring you another webisode leading up to their new album THE MEDIUM feat. EL DA SENSEI & INSIGHT. BP takes you through the song entitled "THE GIFT" and walks you through the Bassment...

Webisode 9 of the MEDIUM vlog series brings you to the Continental Room in downtown Fullerton for the recording of the Station 23 podcast... BP on the tables and ODDS on the mic... podcast available for download here.

buttonpusha/oddsequence are BP & ODDS tha boom bap novelists

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